Spring is on it’s way and I begin to turn my thoughts to weddings again

Being a working photographer is always busy and I’ve once again neglected the blog in favour of my instagram feed to showcase new and existing clients my latest work.  But whether it be weddings, other family events, portraits, business or any other photography that involves people, you will find lots there to give you an idea of my varied approaches (I find it hard to define a style as I like to do lots of things photographically, but the one thing brings my work together is that it’s all people related).

I have good intentions to showcase more images from every commission, but for couples looking for whole weddings, you will certainly find lots on the blog here to see and I’d love to hear from you so please  be in touch if you’re planning your wedding and looking for an experienced wedding photographer.  I’ll never stop loving shooting weddings and I can’t wait to get shooting them in 2020.

When I’m photographing a wedding, I spend most of the time in documentary mode, very busy, very focussed but quietly telling the story of your day in pictures as events unfold. But it would be wrong to say that being a fly on the wall is all I do.

When I see a beautiful spot, light and an idea flashes up at me, if the subject is willing to spare a few moments, like Olivia here was, I will shoot a few quick directed portraits. Once a bride is dressed and ready to roll, this is often quite a calming thing to do and I’m always happy to show her on the spot if she wants me to just how perfect she is looking.

So here is Olivia – one of my most shy and modest brides – looking heavenly (she reminds me of one of Hardy’s rustic heroines). Yes there is a note of anticipation maybe a little anxiety amid the calm, but all the more beautiful in being real, and true to the moment.

And oh the the light and those colours and that lace!

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