from sterile computer screen to the tactile intimacy of physical print – the value and pleasure in a printed record of your wedding photographs

Over the last couple of months, I have been turning my attention to my wedding photography services and products and looking at what’s new out there for wedding photographers to offer their clients. I’ve pinpointed some beautiful new products that suit my style of wedding photography and that I believe clients will like, and made a few tweaks to my range in readiness for the wedding season ahead. It feels good to have reviewed my range afresh and to be showing  new couples who have booked me for this year what I can produce for them from their wedding images.

All my wedding photography services include the complete set of high-resolution print-ready digital jpeg files on USB as standard so that you can print, share, copy, publish online,and keep forever for the family archives all the images from your day. Effectively it gives you a licence to the images to do as you wish with them.

In addition to this, I offer an array of beautiful fine products for getting your images into a physical printed record.

These include books and albums, bespoke traditional glass-framed prints and other display options such as printing on acrylic

I also offer individual mounted prints ready to frame and boxes of professional archival prints for those want a storytelling record of their day but not in an album. The advantage of having a box of prints is that you can at a later date put a selection of them into frames or just keep them together as a set in the box as your personal wedding keepsake.

Each print that is included in the box is an image selected by you and individually retouched and perfected by me before printing. And each print is hand checked by me once printed. All the prints are printed on archival photographic paper.

The image above show a print box for 300 professional archival photographic prints. All the images are chosen by you with my input and help if you require it, to ensure that the selection will tell the story of your day from start to finish in an dynamic way that will really capture and delight the viewer.

This print box is designed for 100 prints. The boxes are hand made and are covered with a leather finish soft cover. Very simple, very elegant and will also protect your archival prints in the years to come.

Having a physical, instantly accessible, beautifully printed record of your wedding, whether it be in a print box or a book or album, that you can literally access at any given moment and literally feel and share with family and friends comfortably, not crowded round a sterile computer or screen, is still an unrivalled way to tell the story of your day in pictures – and will become a much cherished part of your family history and archive.

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