creating a physical record of your wedding and family photographs: traditional bespoke fine art matted albums

It is such a shame these days that most of our family photographs end up hidden and gathering digital dust on our computers.

I absolutely love to produce a beautifully printed physical record of a wedding I’ve shot, or a family photography session, for my wedding and family clients. There is a huge satisfaction in printing and creating something really beautiful and hand- crafted that you know will bring back that day, or those childhood memories instantly and accessibly for the generations in that family to enjoy.  They are always loved and I often receive more feedback in later years from couples or parents expressing how much pleasure they are still getting from their albums.

Following on from my last post where I showcased the new wedding fine art books that I am offering, having decided to work now with Folio Albums for all my book and album offerings, there is also the option to go for a very traditional fine art matted album, images of which you can view below.

A matted album differs from a fine art book in that the pages are much thicker and more like boards where the images are mounted with thick white matts or boards to create a border and 3 dimensionality to each spread giving that very traditional look.

The images above show how the over weight and body of a matted album is much greater than with a fine art book despite there being the same number of spreads. See this post, or scroll through to the books and albums on the products pages of my wedding section on my website, or in the family product section for images of the fine art book so that you can compare them with the matted album option.

You can get a sense here of the thickness of the pages/spreads and the thickness of the album overall. Beautifully bound in a soft leather cover which a choice of colours, these albums are a very sumptious and luxurious way to make transform your digital wedding images into a beautiful physical and visual record that you will treasure and that will be handed down the generations and become a precious family heirloom.

I work with you to get any text that you might want on the first spread of your album perfect both in terms of the font, font size and what you want to include. We also take time to decide which images will be included on this first spread and what will be the last image in your album too.

A great deal of care is taken with the design of your album. You choose your favourite images with or without my help and input, and include in your list any that you would particularly like to go large or have impact in the album, I then work with the wedding album experts at Folio albums to piece together the images into the story of your day taking care and thought with the aesthetics of the layout but also the flow of the story, the colour and black and white mix and any cropping etc that will enhance the layouts.

As with the fine art books, the fine art matted album pages also lay completely flat so that you have a full view of each spread.

These matted albums are totally handcrafted by the experts at Folio albums and everything is checked and double checked before despatch. So far I have never had to send any album back to them such is their care, pride and attention to detail.

In my next post I’ll showcase the mini replica fine art books that you can order alongside your main wedding or family album. Once again, to see the fine art wedding books and compare them with the matted album above please see the previous post on the blog or head over to the products page in my wedding section.

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