from computer drive to physical, fine art display – transforming your wedding photographs into a beautiful bespoke fine art wedding book or matted album

I firmly believe that getting images you love into print is something you will never regret, will enhance your memories and bring you immediate, accessible and continued pleasure as the years roll by.  It will also ensure that the special memories in your family life will extend into your children’s lives and the generations ahead.

These days we are all time poor, and many of us think we’ll have the time to create an album of our wedding photographs – getting them off our usb sticks and hard drives and into print, but so often after your wedding, life takes over and it is still on the to do list years later.

As well as having the high-res, print-ready digital image files from your wedding day – which are included as standard if you commission me to photograph your wedding day and are great to have for making copies, sharing and to know you have the rights to as part of your family archive – a wedding album or book is something really unique and beautiful that I can produce for you.

It also means that neither you, nor your children or their children or their children’s children! will be scrabbling about on old and possibly inaccessible hard drives in the years to come searching for your wedding images when they want to look at them, show others or use them.  A beautiful fine art wedding book or album will, as an object in itself, become a treasured family heirloom that need only be taken from the shelf at a moment’s notice to view and enjoy.

Both wedding books/albums I offer are square in format which I find most people prefer as it is both easy in the hand and lap, a versatile format to display all kinds of images, and just very visually pleasing being neither too grand but more subtle and sophisticated.

I offer two types of display for wedding albums – a fine art book and a fine art matted album. The difference between the two types of display are that the matted albums have mats (or boards) overlaid on the images to create a very traditional wedding album look. The pages are therefore thicker and the resulting album bigger and has more weight and bulk.

Both have images that are printed directly onto the page – the fine art inkjet method – which creates a beautiful smooth and rich matte result. The paper is thicker than the average fine art photography book and the printing is archival.  Folio albums who produce these albums pride themselves on the faithfulness to the original colours and the incredible sharpness of the printing result due to the ink pigmentations they use and the latest state of the art printing methods.

Folio albums are definitely leading the way and the cutting edge of wedding album design and production in the UK now. Of course it is great to both support a UK company who care for the environment and tick all the boxes, but also they are just the most beautiful albums and the company is incredibly friendly with nothing being too much trouble. Folio albums really do understand photographers and want to get everything  perfect just like we do for our wedding couples and families.

Below are images to showcase the the fine art books along with some more reasons to choose a Folio album to create a beautiful record of your wedding day:

The first spread (see above left) can incorporate some text if you wish. Wedding couples often choose to include their names, the date of the wedding and the locations,with or without images, above or below the text. Sometimes wedding couples include a dedication at the top of the left hand page. Any text is possible and we help you to get this just right for you and your wedding.

All fine art books and matted wedding albums come in a beautiful presentation box and with a cotton sleeve for protection. Books and albums are covered in a wonderful soft contemporary leather with 6 colours to choose from  and are debossed with your choice of one or two lines of text.

All spreads in your fine art wedding book lie entirely flat as you turn them so that you get a complete view of each one. Every spread is bespoke designed. You provide of list of the images you want to include (or you can leave us to make a selection to tell the story of your day or just ask us for help in doing this) and earmark your favourites to have impact in your book or album, and we then produce a beautiful well thought-out design and send you an online proof to approve.

I’ve shot these images to give a sense of how very accurately and carefully these books and albums are assembled and to give you a sense of the thickness of the pages (210 gsm archival fine art paper is used with a smooth matte finish). The binding of the books and albums are very strong and very precise.



Colour is recorded beautifully by Folio and the black and white images have no colour cast and are always richly produced with a good range of tones. Everything is checked by them and me to make sure every fine art photographic image will be displayed at it’s full potential.

There are of course numerous ways of laying out wedding images on a spread. The skill is to create variety and harmony but also editorially to create a strong  narrative.  My desire is that each spread in your album should stir the emotions whether it’s with images of tenderness, joy, hilarity, beauty or ritual.

You can see in the image above which is shot up close to crease, how very faint it is and when you look at the spread at normal reading distance it barely shows. Again with the pages lying flat you can really enjoy each spread in its entirety.

These images above demonstrate the quality and sumptiousness of these books, the quality of the leather and the attention to detail in the finishing.

In my next post I will showcase an example of a matted wedding album where the images are mounted behind mattes or boards to produce a more traditional wedding album display. Both books are beautiful and special – it really just depends on your taste and preference.

I will also showcase the mini replica fine art books that you can order alongside a main wedding book or album which make perfect parent albums and presents. You can also see these and other wedding photograph products on my wedding products gallery.

These albums are also perfect for displaying family photography and other special family events like landmark birthday parties, christenings etc

If you would like to find out more or would like to go ahead and order a fine art book, please get in touch and we can get the ball rolling on getting your images off your hard drive into a treasured physical record for you rather than you forever having this on your to do list but never getting round to it!

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