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Keith recently got in touch looking for some up-to-date portraits primarily for his business purposes. Keith’s work takes him all over the world on a weekly basis, hence he needed strong portraits that would appeal internationally.

We established that ideally he needed a more formal traditional corporate-style headshot where he was suited with tie, and one where he was more relaxed in attire that would serve less formal business needs and social media platforms. Both scenarios needed to have expressions of relaxed and engaged warmth and ones denoting a little more gravitas.

As is always the case with my adult headshot photography sessions, our shoot was very relaxed and unpressured. Although the images are constructed and my subject is obviously aware of me photographing them, most forget any nerves or reticence they may have felt about having their picture taken soon after their arrival because I am very good at what is a large part of the success of taking good portraits, simply getting your subject to relax have fun and be themselves.

Apart from working hard to create a relaxed environment and really focussing on making everything easy and fun, the other key ingredients to successful headshots is in the briefing and preparation help I give, and then in the post-production work both of which are very much part of the portrait photography service I provide.

Headshots sessions tend to take place during the day on weekdays but can be booked at weekends and in the evenings in the summer months –  which suits a lot of working professionals  – and can produce some lovely results when the sun lowers in the sky.

Having a strong flattering and relevant portrait of yourself that you really like and that you can pull out at any given moment is a very useful thing to have these days in our world of websites, facebook, twitter, linkedin, wattsapp, instagram etc. So pretty much whoever you are –  part of a big corporate company, running a small business of your own or perhaps an artist or budding performer, most of us make our connections and first impressions online these days and putting a beautiful but real face to the name is really key.

Successfully having your portrait taken is nearly always a real boost to your self confidence, and I really believe the whole process helps you to re-aquaint yourself with how you appear and present yourself to the world  – both professionally and personally.

To find out more please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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