Your best investment is you – Professional headshot photography to kickstart 2018

Jane got in touch about some up-to-date professional headshots for her new business website and to support her general online marketing and social media activity.

As a CBT psychotherapist and counsellor, Jane has a fascinating but incredibly important job specialising in helping older children and teenagers. It was very important that I helped her to get over the right messages in her headshots – messages of warmth, kindness and caring as well as intelligence and experience. It was also important that the images would appeal and connect with what is mostly mothers visiting her site  – that they would look at Jane and get an instant sense of someone that their child would be likely to relax and open up with.

It doesn’t matter what we say about the content being more important than the surface of things –  although this is ultimately what counts – first impressions and a feeling of connection and trust are initially formed by others on how we physicallly appear and present ourselves to the world especially in this increasing world of meeting and connecting initially on screens.

As such, I strongly believe that making the effort to get some professional headshots of yourself that are flattering, relevant and give out the right messages emotionally, will be one of the best decisions you make and be an important investment in both your business and crucially too – yourself. The benefits are not just practical, they can also transform the way you feel about yourself and give your self-esteem a real boost.

Jane and I started off inside using a couple different lighting and background setups, and with me helping Jane before and during the session with decisions on tops, jewellery, hair and make up. The whole session is very unhurried with time to rest between shooting with a coffee (or something stronger if needed!) and time taken too to make sure we have the right mental/ emotional space and focus. A warm private and relaxed environment is essential too which is why I often use my home, or my client’s, for these sessions.

We finished up with a little walkabout by the river and near the high street in Teddington, to some of my favourite spots for some natural relaxed outdoor headshots.

These shots were added to our session to demonstrate visually on Jane’s website how Jane listens and engages with a client.

It was great to receive this lovely reassuring message from Jane after our session

‘Anna, I can’t tell you how delighted I am with the results and grateful for all your care and effort to make it such a success. Despite my nerves about being in front of the camera, you reassured me from the get-go, really taking the time to understand what I was looking for, helping me to prep for the day with fab tips on everything – including making sure I wore a bra that fitted me and had my roots done!

The shoot itself was a lovely surprise as your approach and warmth and the unhurried atmosphere made me completely unflustered and I even began to feel good about myself as you photographed me and to enjoy it. Amazing!  It also really helped being in a private, calm and warm environment.  After the session, in the selection process, you helped me make the right choices based on what I was trying to communicate on my site, and then worked your magic on them to make the very best of me!

I have come away with some flattering relevant images that feel like ‘me’ and I’m very confident in putting ‘out there’. Thank you Anna. This is such a boost as I start out in the business and I’m so glad I came to you.’

If you are thinking about some up-to-date portraits to kickstart the new year, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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