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I was lucky enough to spend an extremely congenial morning photographing Tanya – Digital Entrepreneur, Digital Detox Evangelist and Author. All of us need Tanya because she holds the key to how we live our lives in this ‘instant gratification society’ (where we have mobile phones, computers, apps constantly in our line of vision) without letting it control us.

I’m so lucky in my job as I get to take photographs which is what I love to do, meet new people and learn a great deal myself in the process. Tanya is so knowledgeable and fascinating about this very important subject. She is not against social media or using technology to aid our busy days, and especially when it is used responsibly to free up time and reduce stress, but she makes us think about the triggers and points at which you need to start worrying about your mobile habits – where it can dangerously turn into an addiction which controls you and spoils your life not enhances it.

Tanya has written a book called ‘Off – Your Digital Detox for a Better Life’ and you can find out all about her brilliant and important work by visiting her site. Tanya also runs workshops for adults and young teenagers. The latter interests me as I reluctantly hand my daughter her first mobile phone in September. It’s a wake up call to me too as I realise that I too need to change if I’m going to set a good example and walk the talk with her.

When Tanya came to her portrait session with me in Teddington though we enjoyed 2 or 3 hours of blissful mobile-less time focussing on Tanya and producing strong, flattering, varied, relevant and up to date portraits both full length and head and shoulders.

The images below show what can be achieved if you come to me for your session, with both inside and outside images – all of which were thought about and researched in collaboration with Tanya beforehand. The images in the wild flowers were exactly the feel Tanya wanted for some of the photographs and we took our time with all the pictures in matching the best clothes to the background etc.

I was delighted to have this feedback from Tanya:

Anna, Thanks so much for your amazing work. I love the pictures and am so glad I found you!

and to see some of the portraits already on her website.

Yet another client who was convinced she could not look good in photographs. Hugely rewarding for me to reverse that viewpoint showing yet again how good photography, with time and care taken, has the power to give you something you need – some pictures! – but also boost your sense of self-esteem and confidence.

If you’re interested in a portrait session, or buying a session as a present for a colleague, relative or friend, you can read more about my approach and download the pdf of prices on the headshots & portraits section of my site.

I hope you enjoy these gorgeous pictures of Tanya taken at our session in Teddington TW11:

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