Wedding Photography – Pakenham Church & at home – Suffolk


Have been meaning to post some images from Tom & Sophie’s stunning wedding I shot last autumn back in the lovely Suffolk/Cambridgeshire borders.

I love photographing English church weddings  – it’s probably my most favourite part of shooting a wedding  –  both from an aesthetic point of view but also because, apart from the speeches which I almost always find moving, the ritual and intimacy of the ceremony and the sheer atmosphere in these churches (whether it’s a hot summers’ afternoon or a howling gale in winter) always make me feel privileged to be the one documenting it all.

I’ve had a love of English churches for as long as I can remember – born of having an architect/ historian for a father who throughout my childhood introduced literally hundreds of  English churches around the country to me and my sister (not for religious reasons at all but to instill in us an appreciation of history and English craftsmanship). We literally could not pass one without my father pulling up the car and saying ‘Let’s just have a quick look’, and although we dragged our feet (especially in our early teens), I now have an equal love of them that has definitely chimed with my experience of being a wedding photographer for the last 15 years!

This was a 14  hour day for me starting at 9.30am with a shoot in the grounds of Sophie’s extraordinary beautiful Phillip Webb (another of my father’s favourties) designed family home and  finishing with full on partying late into the evening.

It was day of extremes in terms of the weather with bright sunshine to start and solid persistent rain in the afternoon. But as is so often the case we  still got a set of great set of images.  A dramatic turn in the weather has it’s benefits – somehow everyone suddenly seems to loosen up and ‘be themselves’. I always seem to get dramatic humourous and photographs with heaps of  character in bad weather 🙂

A proper post to come soon from this very memorable wedding and with a great couple (thank you Sophie & Tom!)

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, I’d love to hear from you. I am experienced in shooting in a whole range of locations/ indoor and out, all types of weather and season, multiple venues and from ultra small low key ceremonies and celebrations to large scale society wedding days.



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