documentary wedding photography TW11 – captured moments & the importance of my post-production service


Colour, black & white or an old time sepia effect?  This is just one of the decisions I consider in my post-production work after a wedding shoot or any event I’m covering. It’s something I love to experiment with –  when the image warrants it.

As a rule I don’t like to mess about with images too much in post production – and certainly not to alter it’s essence or sugarcoat it as you so often see with ‘lifestyle’ wedding images.  But if I have a raw image like this from camera that I’ve captured unobtrusively in the background of things – in this instance John & Bill’s Civil Partnership last spring – deciding if it’s to go black and white or colour and creating a proper black and white ready to print file is very much part of my wedding service to couples.

In this particular image, it’s interesting how as it turns to black and white it becomes more timeless (hard to date?), perhaps more romanticised, and the shapes and movement/ everything really becomes more graphic and accentuated.

I love the how the little girl on the left hand of the frame is standing and taking note – having just been told to watch how’s it’s done by her older cousin. And on a compositional level I love the way the frame is divided up on just about the 1/3rd by the girl’s leg and hand as she performs her handstand, with the girl on the left juxtaposed as she heads out of the frame to start hers. Somehow too the filling of that space under the central girl’s leg that’s sticking out with the younger girl crouching down ready to do her handstand too – contrasted with the empty space on the other side – brings the whole image together and holds our attention.

Fleeting childhood moments captured for always.




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