A week in India

Images from my brief tourist trip to India in February… random snapshots of transitory moments that caught my eye in no particular order:


_AMC0814_AMC0624_AMC0968_AMC0972_AMC0957_AMC0962_AMC0818_AMC0959_AMC0974_AMC0829_AMC0455_AMC0824_AMC0796 _AMC0798_AMC0785_AMC0748 _AMC0755 _AMC0762_AMC0683 _AMC0686 _AMC0698 _AMC0699 _AMC0706_AMC0744_AMC0261_AMC0260_AMC0211_AMC0230_AMC0228_AMC0183

_AMC0227_AMC0452 _AMC0480_AMC0473_AMC0876_AMC0883_AMC0846


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