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These last couple of days I’ve been writing an article for the Spring edition of The Richmond Magazine  – imparting some of what I’ve learnt over the years as a wedding and family photographer. The article is designed to help the readers to take better photographs themselves of their children and at family events like weddings, christenings and parties.

There is of course so much to say on the subject but one of the things that has sprung to mind is the importance of capturing humour and the scope we have as wedding photographers to capture it at family events.

All life converges at a wedding so for a portrait or people photographer like myself, who loves to capture real moments as they happen, weddings are a fantastic visual feast and rich pickings to be had if you keep your eyes peeled and anticipate the moments.  I look forward to every wedding I shoot for this very reason – I know I will always have a whole range of ages, characters, relationships and incident in front of me,  and a narrative in which I can record all the key moments of the main story but also those wonderful moments happening on the sidelines too.

I’ve got to the point now with any wedding I undertake to challenge myself to come away with at least some images that will move my clients to laughter. Sometimes it is something that has gone slightly awry during the proceedings (for example the time the best man went to put on his hire trousers only to realise they were about half a dozen sizes too big –  think Stan stepping into Oliver’s trousers and you get the picture. Even more amusing was seeing the panicked party of men trying desperately to wrap the said trousers around his waist and secure them with a saftety pin.

Sometimes the humour is less obvious in a picture – more gentle, endearing, quirky. Often kids are involved in comic moments

Whether the bride and groom witnessed the moment or not, these kind of pictures are always loved and make it to the album –  an example of where content and narrative wins over style. If you get both elements together in one picture, well then you’re really laughing.

I have so many in my archives and also from my children’s and family photography sessions over the years,  but here’s just a few I have dug out of my archive for today’s post

I hope they make you smile!

The whole room was full of women bustling around the bride and a cacophony of female voices all talking at once. The lady doing up her shoes is her mother. Brillaint expression on the bride’s face, taking full advantage of being pampered on her wedding day morning!:

018wedding galleryThe sermon:

point 9 do your own thingPage boys of this age do not like it when the bride and groom kiss:    160Tony & Pat-160I love the engagement in this picture, and intelligence. I felt as though the baby was both adultly questioning what I was doing but at the same time kindly co-operating with me: 164annabelb-164No prizes for guessing what I had to airbrush out before this image was printed up for the family album:    370 Beth and Ed-370

475amelia and richard-475

468amelia and richard-468

Not the most classic of bride and groom portraits but loved by this couple who wanted less of the fantasy and more natural and real! I shoot some relaxed and romantic ones too of course!

506bella & adam-506

646amelia and richard-646

Not sure who is the funnier, the boy or the man: Kate and Lance-373

During the speeches – a tad too long maybeKate and Piers-640Mum, best friend, sister weep in unison during the ceremony weepingladiesone

389Sarah and Chris-389

‘Oh my god, I’ve left my bouquet on the kitchen table’

275amelia and richard-275

Two can play at this game and I’ve got bubbles coming out of mine: 264bella & adam-264Not side-splitting but any vicar who is relaxed and lovely with children is a joy to witness: 238annabelb-238


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