Holand Park Baby Children’s and Family Photographer W11

I am lucky enough to be asked to back by many of  my children and family photography clients to make a record of their children throughout their childhood and there is nothing lovelier than getting to know a child – sometimes from just a few days old, right through to leaving home!

It is also lovely when clients sometimes look back on the images from earlier shoots and want to celebrate more of these in framed prints for their walls or in an album. This morning I had a request from Micaela to print and frame this photograph that I took of her little boy on our second photo session when he was 9 months old.

This image was taken on stroll in Holland park. I remember this moment well as he was in his pram and getting a bit grizzly and we decided to head back home for a feed or a nap (there are no time limits on a family photography shoot and this is especially important with babies who need breaks for sleeps and changes and naps). But just before we were about to go, Micaela decided to take him out of the pram and he just started laughing and giggling and they had this lovely five or ten minutes of joy together as she lifted him on the air and drew him close to her and up into the air again.

I love this image because it perfectly encapsulates the spontaneity of moments like this with our children where that intense bond, trust and the sheer joy of play all come together in a moment captured. I can’t wait to see the finished frame –  Micaeala has chosen black and white with one of my very simple classic dark wood frames – which will perfectly compliment the decor in her home and never look tired or dated in the years to come.

If you are thinking about some baby, chilrdren or family photography, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

076teodor second shoot-769x6 inch

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