Hampstead & Highgate Family Photographer – on location at Kenwood House London NW3

Lots of lovely summer family photography sessions going on at the moment and what a summer for them!

Last Saturday and Sunday, when I was shooting two different families one in North and one in South London, we had pretty much the perfect weather conditions: bright sky but cloud cover. This is my favourite type of weather for the fast-moving mostly documentary approach that photographing young children demands as the light is even and fairly consistent creating a big diffused softbox in the sky.

I’ve always fought against pinning myself down to any particular trademark style in my work, or any preconceived ideas about how I’m going to capture images at a family session. As much as possible I just prefer to throw caution to the wind and to let the children do their thing. Nine times out of ten pictures present themselves as opportunities in a very natural spontaneous way and this is is made possible by everything being very unrushed, largely undirected so that my little subjects are hardly aware from me and certainly not interrupted as they go about their play.

This session is a good example of how I like to mix things up in terms of types of images – captured, and more constructed albeit last minute in my head!  I will try to post more in the next few days to demonstrate the range of images I can capture during one family session.

What I love about the image on the right here is that a simple children’s game has become an opportunity to capture a classic and timeless family photograph – in this case marking and celebrating the family’s regular visits to Kenwood House.

So, with some hugely fun and characterful subjects, lovely light,  and varied locations, I was in for a treat with this relaxed and child-led family photography session.

We started off at home in Hampstead with breakfast and a play in the garden and sandpit, then onto the glorious Heath for fun and games and a little stint at the swings and slides before heading to the stunning north london location – absolutely brilliant for children’s portraiture – Kenwood House in Highgate.

Just a couple of images today that stood out for me as I edit this lovely session with Sophie and her family in north London NW3.

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